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World’s Leading Global Vape Shop Directory

Welcome to Vapetelligent, the world’s leading vape shop directory. With over 10,000 vape shops already listed, we are one of the biggest and most complete vape shop directories in the world.

What Makes Vapetelligent The Best UK and USA Vape Shop Directory

At Vapetelligent, we are confident in every single vape shop listing because we manually verify every single vape shop via e-mail, over the phone and even personally – yes, by visiting the vape shop! With a team of over 300 people in every city and state in the USA and UK, we are able to guarantee complete, accurate and up-to-date vape store listings!

Find A Vape Shop Near You using Vapetelligent

Do you want to find all the vape shops in your area? Use our state of the art geo location search bar to find vape shops near you! With over 10,000 vape shop reviews from real users, you will be able to read what other vapers have to say about a vape shop before you make a decision of whether you want to visit it or not! A lot of vapers have told us that they like to buy their e-liquid and vape mods and devices online. However, we would like to point out whilst this is perfectly fine, there are some great benefits of visiting your local vape shop. Firstly, most vape shops tend to me privately owned and operated, which means that you will receive a warm reception and a very intimate and personal customer service. Local vape shops allow their customers to try e-liquids and devices before they buy which can not only save you a tonne of money but can also be very fun. Just imagine spending a couple of hours at your local vape shop – a fun pastime! Visiting your local vape shop will allow you to meet other vapers from your area.